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1 Ultra-Pro Hockey Puck Cube


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Single Hockey Puck Display Case from Ultra-Pro

One of the things that makes hockey pucks so special is the fact that they rarely ever leave the ice rink. If you’ve managed to get a puck during a game, you’d better hold on to it! Otherwise, there are tons of easy ways to get yourself a special puck, and when you do get one, keep it safe with a single hockey puck display case from Ultra-Pro!

Snug Design

The tight design of this case ensures that the puck doesn’t rattle around when it’s moved. Clear, durable plastic helps to prevent any cosmetic damage from ruining your collectible. Yet, for as protective and durable as they are, these cases are extremely lightweight and easy to move around, allowing them to be stacked or rearranged easily.

Perfect for Display

Let’s face it: after going through the effort of getting a cool puck, especially one that is signed by one of your favorite players, you’re going to want to display it for everyone to see. This single hockey puck display case lets you do just that in style.

Our Promise to You

At Collectible Supplies, we’re passionate about sports and collecting sports memorabilia. That’s why we promise that you will be satisfied with anything you order from us. Do you want to know more about this case or any of our other great products? Give us a call at (714) 894-9601 or head over to contact page for more options.

Take your collection to the next level with a single hockey puck display case by Ultra-Pro!

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