3D Display Frame 6-Inch by 4-Inch Stand Alone Frame, Black, Perfect for Funko POP or Baseballs - Collectible Supplies


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3D Display Frame 6-Inch by 4-Inch Stand Alone Frame, Black, Perfect for Funko POP or Baseballs

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Perfect for Baseballs and Funko POP's.
Z-access 3d display frame displays, protects and preserves 3 dimensional objects
Medical grade, uv resistant, acid free film membranes suspend, preserve and protect displayed object
Film is tear resistant and re-usable;while film will never regain its’ original shape, over time it will recover, using a hair dryer can speed up the process
Frame can sit in base either horizontally or vertically
Display your valuable collectibles and treasured memories in 3d.

The Z-Access 3D Display Frame is the unique and interactive way to prominently display and protect 3 dimensional memorabilia, such as keepsakes, art, crafts, sports memorabilia, heirlooms and treasured personal items that are currently out of sight and tucked away because you just can’t figure out how to display them. Unlike a shadowbox, acrylic case, or picture frame, the Z-Access 3D Display frame uses a soft proprietary film that gently stretches over your treasured item and securely holds it in place. The clear, elastic, tear resistant film is completely inert, which allows you to place your most sensitive items in our display frame, all the while protecting your personal treasure. Imagine being able to feel the actual strings on a Babe Ruth Homerun ball without damaging the ball - try that with an acrylic case. Or picture your children being able to safely feel the contour and grit of your grandfather’s WWII medals, their smiles of pride at being able to touch those cherished items, instead of just looking at them behind a sanitary, lifeless piece of glass. The film is UV resistant, completely acid free, and will not transfer anything to, or take anything away from the object that it protects and displays. The film does not stick to the displayed object but it does have a grip which allows for easy loading and lets you position your item in all sorts of cool and different angles for optimal visual value. The Z-Access display frame will accommodate almost any object as long as it fits within its’ 6-inch x 4-inch footprint, and can securely hold objects up to 3 pounds. Z-Access Display Frames are a truly revolutionary way to showcase and display your most treasured memories. Start unpacking all of those valuable collectibles and cherished memorabilia and display them in 3D.

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