Diamond 6-Gallon Ball Bucket with 30 USSSA DOL-A Baseballs

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Diamond DOL-A Leather Baseballs And Bucket Combination! Diamond DOL-A USSSA League Leather Baseballs & Bucket features: 30 baseballs are USSSA approved and licensed Baseballs have a cushioned cork center A-grade grey wool blend winding and a premium leather cover Diamond Seam (raised seam) design for feel and control Black bucket features Diamond Sports logo Bucket has a padded top for comfortable seating Dimensions: 17" high x 12" in diameter Ability to hold five dozen baseballs or two dozen softballs Comes with 30 DOL-A USSSA baseballs to a bucket Diamond Equipment.

Full grain leather cover
Cushioned cork center
Grey wool winding
USSSA stamped
6 gallon size ball bucket with padded top for seating comfort