Everlast Autograph Leather Boxing Gloves - Lace

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Boxing has produced some of the most memorable athletes, rivalries, and fan-favorite personalities. As such, boxing gloves have always been an iconic form of sports memorabilia. With long-lasting leather construction, they are a must-have for any dedicated collector. A pair of Everlast autograph boxing gloves is perfect for getting your favorite fighter’s autograph, creating a treasure you can hold onto for a lifetime.

Leather Design

These Everlast gloves are designed with a durable and high-quality leather, ensuring the gloves will hold up for years and still look great. They are available in the signature red color and include accurate lacing, just like regulation boxing gloves. Please note that these gloves are NOT recommended for fighting, and are intended for display use only. The exterior material is visually striking and smooth, ideal for autographs as signatures will look clean and stand out nicely.


Everlast has been around for over a century and is as well-known as the biggest boxing legends in the world. Today, Everlast produces quality sports gear and fitness equipment while they are mostly known for their professional boxing gloves, which have continued to evolve with the sport throughout the years. These Everlast autograph boxing gloves are no exception, and we stand by their quality.

Collectible Supplies Standard

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If you’re a fan of boxing, your sports collection isn’t complete without these Everlast autograph boxing gloves hanging around!