Official 2020 Tokyo Olympic Special Edition FIBA Indoor Outdoor Basketball

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Introducing the Limited Edition Molten BG3800. Inspired by the Sakura flower the design of this basketball has been arranged to express the 'spread of joy for a better world'.

Official Basketball of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic's

  • Durable synthetic leather for indoor/Outdoor use
  • FIBA approved 12 panel deisgn with Special Edition Artwork (unique Japanese design)
  • Available in the standard size 7 ONLY

As the official basketball of the International Basketball Federation (FIBA), Molten basketballs have gained international recognition and acclaim as a top choice for elite athletes around the globe. By integrating tradition with innovation, this basketball has been designed with an acute attention to detail. The uniform pebble surface provides superior control with precise shooting and passing. The GIUGIARO 12-panel design enhances visibility, allowing players to easily track the rotation of the ball.

FIBA Approved official 12 panel
2-tone design
Indoor / Outdoor synthetic cover
Nylon Wound
Butyl bladder
Available in official size 7 (B7G3800)
1 year warranty
Molten introduces the new BG-Series, as the official basketball of FIBA. As one of the top basketball brands worldwide, Molten continues to create superior quality basketballs with the latest innovative technology.
The new surface texture offers the ideal grip that improves ball control when in contact with sweat or moisture. The sleek design of the BG-Series allows for optimum performance, ultimately enhancing the way the game is played.