Party Animal NFL TeenyMates SERIES 9 SILVER SERIES Figurines Mystery Box (32 packs)

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NFL TeenyMates - NFL Series 9 SILVER SERIES - BOX (32 Blind Packs) National Football League Teeny Mates Series 9 by Party Animal Toys. Officially licensed NFL merchandise. For ages 4 & up Approximate size: 1 inch

This is for a gravity box of 32 packs
NFL Series 9 TeenyMates have the names, numbers and TeenyMates-style likeness of REAL NFL players!
TeenyMates are sold in a gravity feed box which holds 32 blind packs.
Inside each blind pack:
2 random 1" NFL TeenyMates Color Rush player figures
2 Player Profiles
2 Double-Sided Puzzle Pieces
Collect one player figure from all 32 NFL teams plus 6 rare, hard to find figures. Completed 35-piece puzzle features a mini-poster on one side and a football field on the other.
Odds of Rare figures vary.

NFL Series 9 Rare Figures:
• Metallic Silver Referee (1 in 32 packs)
• Glow-In-The-Dark Lamar Jackson (1 in 64 packs)
• Alt Uniform Drew Brees (1 in 128 packs)
• Metallic Silver Patrick Mahomes (1 in 171 packs)
• Classic Uniform Khalil Mack (1 in 256 packs)
• Metallic Gold Tom Brady (1 in 512 packs)