Rawlings Authentic MLB Throwback Batting Helmets

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Rawlings Authentic MLB Throwback Batting Helmets

Americans have been in love with baseball for generations and the sport is considered our national pastime. Some of our MLB authentic batting helmets are throwback helmets, a great tribute to the game’s storied past. That’s why they’re a classic stand-out way to support your team today.

Professional Design

The helmets are designed to look just like the ones you’ve seen on TV or in person at a game. With a hard exterior shell and vibrant paint job, these helmets also feature authentic, comfortable interior padding. However, they are not designed to be used in a game setting. They’re perfect for autographs and for displaying in your collection.

Solid Selection of Teams

Since these are throwback MLB authentic batting helmets, we don’t carry every team. However, we still have a solid selection of helmets to choose from. Some of these designs are old enough that if you’re a younger baseball fan, you actually might not have seen the logos before. Going back in time, you can see some of the very cool designs that some of the most iconic players in history wore.

High Quality Guaranteed

Just like you, our love for baseball runs deep. Our promise to you is that any product you buy from Collectible Supplies will look and feel just like it’s described. If you have questions, please feel free to visit our contact page or call us at (714) 894-9601.

Make one of these classic pieces of MLB history part of your collection today!