Zero Friction Spectra Dozen Golf Balls Los Angeles Dodgers White

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Thin, soft, durable cover and matte finish enhances feel with spin and control from tee to green.
High visibility matte-finish
Non-glare cover to find your ball faster
312 dimple pattern for smooth roll on the green

2-piece Performance Construction
Large, super-fast core provides explosive distance, high launch, and longer roll off the tee.
80 compression
Soft Surlyn durable cover

Zero Friction Spectra Golf BallsEye-Catching Golf Balls Packed With Performance
Zero Fiction Spectra golf balls performance-boosting construction. The large, incredibly fast core gives you explosive distance, designed for high launch and longer roll. Their matte finish enhances feel with the control and spin you need for shot making all over the golf course.Zero Friction Spectra Golf Balls features:
* Two piece performance construction
* Large, super-fast core for explosive distance
* Designed for high launch and longer roll out on tee shots
* Features a matte finish that enhances feel with control and spin from tee to green
* One dozen golf balls per box