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Chicago White Sox

Chicago White Sox Merchandise

The Chicago White Sox are a team with a storied past. Deeply rooted in the southern half of Chicago, the Sox compete with the Cubs for control over the city’s baseball fandom. Interestingly, the two didn’t play each other at all between 1906-1997 because of division rules. So, celebrate this team’s wins and history and check out our great line-up of White Sox merchandise.

Classic Helmets

When you think of baseball gear, one of the most iconic pieces is the batting helmet. Adorned with the team’s logo and painted perfectly with the team’s colors, our batting helmets are designed to be just like the real thing. Featuring both modern and retro options, certain helmets like our Cool Flo options, can also be used in a game. If you’re looking for smaller collectibles, mini helmets are a great finishing touch on any man cave!

Decals, Banners & More

Do you want the White Sox look without the whole helmet? Our decals are easy to apply and look like the real deal. If you’ve been a fan for a while, you’ll want to check out our heritage and dynasty banners which celebrate the team’s history and their championship title years. Other small White Sox merchandise accessories are perfect for little gifts or additions to any fan’s collection.

Our Promise

At Collectible Supplies, we don’t pick sides for rivalries. However, we always root for quality among all of our items. That’s why we promise that you will be totally satisfied with any purchase you make. Do you want to learn more about our products? We’re happy to answer any questions at (714) 894-9601 or send us an email.

You know what you’re missing? Some White Sox merchandise. Get it now!