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Los Angeles Lakers Merchandise

The Los Angeles Lakers are one of the most iconic professional basketball teams of all time. With outstanding star players like Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, and many more, the Lakers have cemented their place in basketball history. Take home a piece of that legacy and check out our LA Lakers merchandise!

Must-Have Gear

If you’re a true fan, you can never really have too much Los Angeles Lakers merchandise in your life. Coming home to your favorite team after a big win is one of the best feelings in the world. That’s why we offer all the gear you need, so you can have more Lakers in your life without breaking the bank.


The Lakers have won the championship over 15 times. Currently, they’re neck-and-neck with the Boston Celtics for the most decorated team of all time. To honor that legacy, our dynasty banner is a wonderful piece of LA Lakers merchandise that lists all the years the team has won. Plus, the dynasty banner option details the variety of logos that the Lakers have used in their long journey, going all the way back to Minneapolis!

Spalding Basketballs

We have a variety of Spalding basketballs available for you to use for autographs or to use for play just like the pros. Mini balls that are perfect for collecting autographs or replica or official full size basketballs that will make you feel like a NBA teammate.

Our Guarantee

With a team as important as the Lakers, you have to get it right. At Collectible Supplies, we work hard to ensure that you get the right gear. That’s why we guarantee your complete satisfaction with every purchase. If you have any questions, give us a call at (714) 894-9601 or visit our contact page.

Basketball season is year-round when you have awesome LA Lakers merchandise in your home!