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Display Cases

If you’re a major sports fan, you’ve probably acquired some pretty awesome gear. Collectible Supplies’ sports memorabilia display cases are a great way to not only show off that gear but also keep it safe. When you walk into a museum, your eyes are automatically drawn to whatever is inside the glass cases - your sports gear deserves the same treatment. We have memorabilia cases for all of your needs!


Jersey Cases

There’s nothing quite like going to your favorite team’s game while wearing their jersey. It’s even cooler if you can get that jersey signed by one or more of the players. At that point, you’ll probably want to keep it safe and display it. Our sports memorabilia display cases come in a variety of options that make it easy to mount your lucky jersey on your wall for all to see.

Baseball Displays

Everyone loves going to a ball game and catching a homerun. If you have a ball, bat, glove, or hat that is particularly impressive, we have the right memorabilia cases for you. With over 100 different options, from display cases, glove mounts, wall mounts for bats, and more, you’ll have no problem finding the perfect selection for your home or office. Check out all the different ways to display your lucky baseball!

Football Cases

Whether it’s for your signed football or your favorite team’s mini helmet, we have the sports memorabilia display case that is perfect for you. Choose from options like football stands, football display cases, helmet display cases, and more. Your football gear will look much more professional and will stay securely in place.

Basketball Equipment

Basketballs have a bad habit of getting misplaced and unnoticed. If you have a ball that’s really special, it should receive special treatment. Collectible Supplies has memorabilia cases such that will protect and display your ball. You have the choice of glass display cases, ball stands, and other wall mounts.

Hockey Cases

A hockey puck makes for a great souvenir. They’re compact but have a great weight to them, and it’s also fairly rare to get a puck that’s been used in a game. That’s why one of our sports memorabilia display cases is perfect for your puck or pucks.

Soccer & Other Sports

The crisp, clean white color of a soccer ball catches light really well. We have a nice selection of different memorabilia cases for soccer balls, including some with display cases and others that are just the stands. We also have various display cases for other sports like MMA, racing, and boxing.


Collectible Supplies Guarantee

Here at Collectible Supplies, we know that fans care dearly about their favorite teams. That’s why we guarantee to put in the extra effort to ensure that their gear is protected and looking great. Our passion is built from your passion, and so if you have any questions please do not hesitate to check out our contact page.