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Columbus Blue Jackets Merchandise

Founded in 2000, the Blue Jackets are one of the youngest teams in the NHL. Despite their short history, the team is known for being filled with young talent that’s hungry for victory. The Blue Jackets continue to improve with each year and are proving to be a major force to be reckoned with in the NHL. Plus, the Jackets are famous for the cannon that’s shot off for every goal. To celebrate your favorite up-and-coming hockey team, get your Columbus Blue Jackets merchandise from Collectible Supplies!

Official NHL Columbus Blue Jackets Hockey Pucks

A Sherwood Official game puck makes for an awesome collector’s item for any Blue Jackets fan. These are the actual pucks used in the game and feature the Jacket’s logo. They also come with a clear display case that makes them perfect for showing off in your home or office. Their small size also makes them easy to transport and keep clean.

Complete NHL 30 Team Official Hockey Puck Set

Get your complete set of all current NHL hockey teams pucks today.  Be the envy of your friends and display all 30 NHL hockey pucks while hosting the game.

Specialty Pucks

2017 Stanley Cup Playoff souvenir pucks

Hockey Puck Displays

We offer several types of display options for your hockey puck or pucks.  We have single and multiple puck display options available. Check out our displays while you are here and pick one that is right for you.  (Please keep in mind that official hockey pucks purchased from us all come sealed inside of an acrylic hockey puck cube).

Collectible Supplies Standard

At Collectible Supplies, we hold all of our Columbus Blue Jackets collectibles to a very high standard.  This is to ensure that you will be thoroughly satisfied with any piece of equipment you receive from us.  So, if you have questions, please call us at (714-894-9601) or contact us online.

It’s an exciting time to be a Jackets fan. Get your Columbus Blue Jackets merchandise now! Thank you for shopping with us.