Learn About Collectible Supplies

At Collectible Supplies, we take pride in supplying a broad array of sports products, including: professional grade team logo equipment, display cases for awards and collectible items, casual sports apparel, and collectibles that show your love for favorite teams — all for prices that you don’t have to be a professional athlete to afford. We cater to student athletes, die-hard sports fans, sports organizations, and anyone else who shares our undying love for sports.

A Passion for Sports

Our business of selling sports products began with a passion for playing and watching sports. When he started out, instead of simply asking what products would sell the best, our founder, Jeff Peterson, also asked: What sports products do athletes and fans need and enjoy the most?

The answer has led us to carry a great selection of products that span the gamut of professional and collegiate sports: MLB, NFL, NHL NBA, golf, boxing, MMA, softball, and more. Just as the rules of any sport change over time, so do trends and technologies for sports equipment, team apparel, and collectibles and its display. We carry a wide variety of new products — including vintage replicas — that help keep you on the cutting edge of sports culture.

A Rich Tradition

From the first Olympic Games in ancient Greece to the upcoming season of Major League Baseball, sports have always been a part of our way of life. Now, with more games, teams, and competitions to watch, there’s more to sports than just being a spectator. Get in the game with our online store’s wide supply of gear.

We take pride in supplying equipment that you need to play sports, providing display cases for showcasing awards and collectibles, offering attire that lets you show your passion for sports by donning your favorite team’s apparel, and selling collectibles that can increase in value and are perfect for proudly displaying year after year.

Proudly Serving All

We enjoy sports as much as customers to whom we offer our high-quality products. Join us in enjoying the rich history of sports by using our equipment to participate in athletics, our award cases to showcase awards, our apparel to show team pride, and our collectibles to crystalize your passion for sports into unique objects that grow more meaningful with time. We’re located in sunny California, but our satisfied customers span from coast to coast, and beyond.

Ordering is Easy

Our dedicated product specialists are here to answer your questions and take your order. For inquiries and purchases, please call (714) 894-9601, or use our contact form. Act now, and get started on receiving high-quality sports products for you, your athletes, your organization, or the sports fanatic in your life. We look forward to supplying you with the very best!