Miami Dolphins

The home of legendary players like Dan Marino and Bob Griese, the Miami Dolphins have seen their share of ups and downs. An eventful 2016 season proved they are a team to be reckoned with, inspiring passion. If you’re one of their die-hard fans, we have the Miami Dolphins merchandise you need to show your support.

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Professional Authentic and Replica Helmets

Riddell makes extremely high-quality football helmets and we feature several pieces from them, including both modern and retro styles depending on which era of Dolphins history you like the most. Choose from current or throwback Miami Dolphins full size replica or authentic football helmets. These helmets come equipped with hard outer shells, inner padding, and metal facemasks. These helmets look just like the helmets the Dolphins wear on the field and look great display during the big games.

Miami Dolphins Mini Helmets

Not enough room for a full size helmet of your favorite team? No problem, buy a mini version! We sell Dolphins current and throwback speed, blaze alternative mini helmets and smaller pocket pro sizes. They look just like the real thing, just smaller! They even come with a facemask, padding, straps and official NFL team colors and decals.

Footballs, Banners & Other Accessories

Aside from helmets, we have other essential Miami Dolphins collectibles and merchandise. Our Dolphins footballs are perfect for autographs and display the teams championship history on the back. Celebrate the Dolphins Super Bowl appearances and wins with official Super Bowl footballs or Super Bowl commemorative pins.  Are you looking for something to put in your room or office? What better way to show off the teams success than with a Dolphins Dynasty Banner commemorating their Super Bowl wins. We offer several types of display cases that hold your items perfectly in place for showing off your Dolphins team pride.

Miami Dolphins 3D Foam Sign

Our Dolphins 3D foam sign is a perfect addition to your collection and will look great on a wall or while you hold it up at the game.

Our Guarantee

At Collectible Supplies, we hold all of our Miami Dolphins equipment to a very high standard so that we can make sure you’ll be completely satisfied with any order you place with us. Do you have any questions? Give us a call at (714) 894-9601 or visit our contact page for more options.

It’s always a great day to be a Dolphins fan. Spread your team spirit with some brand new Miami Dolphins merchandise!