NHL Hockey Puck Display Case

Hockey Puck Display Cases

If you manage to get a hockey puck during a game, you’d better hold on to it! Pucks make for great souvenirs, especially because they are so easy to carry around and get signed by your favorite player. Keep your prized possession safe with one of our hockey puck display cases from Collectible Supplies.

Single Puck

We have several solid options for keeping your lucky puck looking great. Whether you want something simple like a clear case that fits around your puck or you want a bigger display for it, including a stand and a case, we’ve got it. Some of our cases also come with bulk options, perfect for giving out gifts to Hockey fans in your life.

Multiple Pucks

One of the great things about hockey pucks is that their small size makes them ideal for collecting several of them. We have hockey puck display cases that are designed to hold numerous pucks at once. These cases include both wall-mounted and shelf options so you can decide how you want to display your collection. Collect three for a hat trick!

Our Promise

At Collectible Supplies, we’re big fans of the NHL, and we love seeing all the great collectible gear that comes from the game. Our promise to you is that you will be completely satisfied with any of the display cases we have on our site. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to call us at (714) 894-9601 or visit our contact page for more options.

Make sure that everyone sees just how great your puck looks with a new case!