Collectible Toys

Collectible toys aren’t just for kids anymore! Whether you’re into sports collectibles, Star Wars or want to get lost in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there’s no end to the number and variety of figurines and merch available to toy collectors today.

Sports Figurines

We carry a curated selection of sports figurines for your enjoyment. 

NFL Figurines

Are you ready for some football figurines? NFL action figurines are among the most popular sports-themed collectibles. Find your favorite players depicted as bobbleheads, SqueezyMates or TeenyMates and make room on your shelf or display case

NBA Action Figures

Move over, football figurines – NBA figures are in the house! We have NBA players in regular, Teeny and Jumbo SqueeezyMate sizes and as bobbleheads.

MLB Action Figures

How could we forget our baseball fans? Our collection of baseball SqueezyMates is perfect for improving your pitching arm during playoff stress or sitting proudly on your desk. We also have select bobbleheads and Big Shot Ballers of some of your favorite MLB players. 

Other Collectible Toys

If sports aren’t your jam, you may be interested in otherworldly collectibles from Star Wars, DC Comics and the MCU. We have select merchandise that’s sure to excite any diehard collector.

The Collectible Supplies Commitment

We're committed to getting you the products you want at an everyday value. We provide premium service on an assortment of the very best brands and offer a wide selection of collectibles.

At Collectible Supplies, we make it easy to find the collectible toys you’re looking for. However, if you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us. You can call one of our product specialists at (714) 894-9601 or send a message through our contact page — we love to help!

Get ready to expand your toy collection today!