Toronto Blue Jays

Step up to the plate and explore our collection of Toronto Blue Jays merchandise! As avid baseball fans, we understand the thrill of supporting your favorite team so we've carefully curated a selection of official merch to satisfy your Blue Jays cravings. From official baseballs adorned with the iconic team logo to mini helmets that make for perfect display pieces, we offer a true-blue experience for every enthusiast. Embrace the spirit of the game and grab your favorite Blue Jays merchandise today. Go Jays Go!

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Toronto Blue Jays 

Founded in 1977, the Toronto Blue Jays (or simply the Jays) have been around for 38 years. They played their first game on April 7, 1977. The Blue Jays are the first and only team outside of the USA to appear in, and win, the World Series. The Jays are also the fastest/youngest expansion team in the American League to win a World Series. The team had only been around for 16 years when they became champions in 1992! Show your support and collect your Blue Jays merchandise today.

Toronto Blue Jays Baseballs

To capture baseball’s iconic place in American sports, our Toronto Blue Jays collectibles selection includes a few specialty baseballs with the Blue Jays logo and information on them. You’re not really a true fan until you have a ball from the team!

Official Toronto Blue Jays Batting Helmets

One easy way to get your head in the game is with a team batting helmet. These pieces of Toronto Blue Jays merchandise are as official as they come, with some options even designed to be worn while playing! Rich colors, durable construction, cooling air vents and other great features make these helmets both functional and very stylish. We offer helmets with the logo currently worn by the Blue Jays as well as throwback helmets. If you’re heading to a big game, they’re awesome for getting autographs from your favorite players. We also have display cases that are the perfect fit!

Blue Jays Mini Helmets

Mini helmets are the perfect item to get your favorite player's autograph. They display perfectly on a counter or shelf. Complete your Blue Jays collection and celebrate your team with our official Toronto Blue Jays mini helmets.

The Collectible Supplies Commitment

At Collectible Supplies, we hold all of our Toronto Blue Jays collectibles to a very high standard. This is to ensure that you will be thoroughly satisfied with any piece of merch you receive from us. So, if you have questions, please call us at (714) 894-9601 or contact us online.

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