How to Fold a Flag for a Display Case

How to Fold a Flag for a Display Case

Dec 30th 2021

Do you have a special flag that you want to preserve properly? Whether you have an American flag to commemorate a loved one’s military service or another meaningful emblem, knowing how to fold a flag for a display case will ensure that your flag or banner will remain pristine for years to come.

Today, we’ll go over six steps you can take to properly fold a flag for a display case.

Note: Folding a flag requires two people for accurate, crisp folds. If you’re working alone, consider laying your flag on a table and make sure it’s wrinkle-free before you begin.

Step 1: Hold the Flag By Each Corner

Two People Holding the Flag By Each Corner

First, hold the flag by each corner, lengthwise and waist-high, with another person. Make sure the flag’s surface is parallel to the ground. Keep the flag stretched and hold the corners firmly to keep it wrinkle-free in the following steps.

Step 2: Fold the Flag in Half Lengthwise

Folding the Flag in Half Lengthwise Demonstration

Holding the edges securely, fold the flag in half lengthwise. When the edges meet, switch your hands to hold the flag by its corners and parallel to the ground. Make sure the bottom and top edges meet precisely.

Step 3: Fold the Flag in Half Lengthwise AgainFold the Flag in Half Lengthwise Again

Fold the flag again lengthwise. If working with a partner, each person will now be holding two corners and a folded edge in one hand and one folded edge in the other hand.

Step 4: Start the Triangular Folds

Start the Triangular Folds

Now, the triangular shape will begin to take form. Start from the opposite end that you want to be displayed in your case. Bring the corner of the folded edge across to meet the top edge of the flag, forming a point.

Step 5: Continue the Triangular Folds

Continue the Triangular Folds diagram

Now turn the endpoint inward, parallel to the open edge, to form a second triangle.

Step 6: End With One Triangle

Diagram of folding pattern down flag

Finished Triangle Fold Flag

Continue with the triangular folds until the entire flag’s length is folded and the flag is in one tight triangle. You are now ready to insert the flag into your display case.

Tips on Folding an American Flag

  • First, it is vitally important that no part of the flag ever touch the ground as a sign of respect.
  • As with other flags, folding an American Flag requires a minimum of two people. During military ceremonies, six people participate in folding the flag. Longer flags (like burial flags) often need more than two people to fold.

Here are three tips for incorporating the flag folding steps above:

During Step 2: Fold the stripe section lengthwise over the field of stars, so the stripes are on top.

During Step 3: Make another lengthwise fold, keeping the blue field of stars on the outside.

During Step 4: Begin the triangular folds from the striped side. This will ensure that the starred field will be visible at the end of the folding process.

Step 6: If folded correctly, your American flag should show no stripes – only the blue starred field should be visible. Now you’re ready to place your flag in the flag display case.

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Flag in Display Case

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