Football Display Case

An incredible game, a winning catch, a person's first big game — all of these memories come flooding back when you see the football that was part of that experience. This is why many collectors opt for a specially made football display case.


It's not enough to safeguard a football in just any box. Modern footballs, which are typically made from cowhide or vulcanized rubber, can damage easily when exposed to too much heat or moisture.


If you take steps to protect your football from the get-go, you won't have to worry about the elements, dust, dirt, or grime mistreating your sports memorabilia.


Collectible Supplies carries several selections to protect, store and display your collectible footballs. Your most loved moments from the NFL, NCAA, a high school game and more will be well protected with any of our football display cases.

Football Cubes

Football cubes securely snap into place to keep your football safe from dust and curious hands. If desired, these cases are also stackable to create a stunning visual display. We offer cubes that can stand vertically or sit horizontally. Some are all clear and some have a black base with a cradle to hold the ball in place. With numerous options available, you can achieve the aesthetic you're looking for.

Acrylic Football Displays

Acrylic football displays are becoming more popular for their crisp clarity, low light reflection and durability. We have rectangle or octagon-shaped displays with wood or black acrylic bases. If you're looking to display a mini helmet alongside your full size football, we have an acrylic display case for that too!

Glass Football Displays

Glass displays offer a timeless aesthetic. These cases are available in vertical and horizontal display orientations and can be customized in a few ways. Choose a wood base color and even a background mirror to enhance the view of your football. You can also choose to have the entire top clear for a complete view all the way around.

Wall Mount Football Displays

Wall mountable football displays are available in both acrylic and glass. These cases provide a secure, clear view of your collectible while multiple claw type options maintain easy access for handling.

Football Stands

Football stands lift the football up to prevent rolling and give the appearance of a truly valuable collectible. They are sleek and low profile to ensure attention is directed to the football. Use these affordable stands on their own or inside a display case.