How to Safely Move Your Glass Display Case

How to Safely Move Your Glass Display Case

Jan 25th 2022

When planning to move, it’s a good idea to prepare ahead of time. Packaging glass and fragile items well is key to ensuring your moving process is successful and painless.

Let’s face it; when moving, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and forgetful while the clock is ticking. This guide intends to make your life easier while protecting your glass display case and the collectibles inside. Sidenote: you can also apply these tips for packing up your acrylic cases!

So, let’s get moving!

Considerations Before Moving

As you prepare to pack and move your glass display case, there are some things to consider.

  • How far are the packages traveling? (across the street, state or country)
  • Who will be packing and unpacking your boxes? (moving company, you, family/friends)
  • Where will your items be during transit? (moving van, your vehicle, airplane)
  • Who will be handling your items along the way? (you, family/friends, others who may disregard “handle with care” or “fragile” labels”)

How To Pack And Move Your Display Case

Before you can move, you’ll need supplies to protect the case and the memorabilia you’ve removed for safekeeping. You can either have the movers supply all the materials or you can purchase them yourself. Here are the packing materials you’ll need:

  • Cardboard
  • Cellophane
  • Bubble wrap or foam sheets
  • Packing paper or recycled paper
  • Packing tape
  • Markers for labeling
  • Moving blankets, towels, rugs

Step 1 - Remove Your Collectibles From the Case

What you’ll need: Bubble wrap

It’s important to take the time and care to wrap and pack your sports memorabilia. Carefully remove the collectible and pack it safely in it’s own box. Choose a box that is a bit larger than the item so there is space on all sides for bubble wrap.

Your collectible should not be packed so tightly that it’s squished, but it also shouldn’t move around if you invert the box or lay it on its side.

Collectibles, especially those that have been autographed, are often irreplaceable. That’s why this is an important first step.

Step 2 - Packing The Glass Display Case

What you’ll need: Cellophane, cardboard, moving blankets, packing tape

Start at the top of the glass case using the roll of cellophane. Move in a circular motion as you wrap the entire glass case from top to bottom. Take flat pieces of cardboard and cover the glass completely. If your cardboard pieces are large, mark where you need a crease and bend the cardboard so it can wrap easily around the corners.

For an added layer of protection, fold a small moving blanket or soft towel around the case — as if you’re wrapping a present. Secure the blanket or towel by wrapping it around with packing tape.

Note: Bubble wrap can be substituted for foam sheets. Moving blankets can be substituted for any type of blanket, towels and rugs. Get creative when coming up with alternative items that can do the same job as the items listed above.

Step 3 - How To Move The Glass Display Case

What you’ll need: A designated space for your fragile items

When packing the moving truck or personal vehicle make sure to put the glass display case in last. This secures the glass case from being hit, bumped or jarred by the weight of the other objects around it.

Be cautious of your placement as well, you wouldn’t want it to slide off another box or fall out upon opening the truck or car door. Treat it as you would a package of eggs from the grocery store. Don’t stack anything heavy on top of it, make sure it’s secure so it doesn’t slide around, and secure other heavy items that could fall on it.

Protect Your Sports Memorabilia With Collectible Supplies

Moving may not be on the top of your fun list but more than likely you’ll find yourself moving at some point. The good news is you’ll know how to pack and move your fragile display case so it arrives at its new home unscathed. If you’re looking for new ways to show off your sports memorabilia check out our variety of display cases at Collectible Supplies.