Purdue Boilermakers Official Full Size Autograph Basketball

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Officially licensed by the Purdue Boilermakers
Officially licensed by the NCAA
Top Quality, Manufactured by Baden
High quality synthetic leather basketball featuring 4 white aurtograph panels
Smooth autograph surface with official Collegiate logo
Purdue Boilermakers Autograph Basketball Official 29.5" Size

Ideal for Autographs

This ball is the same regulation size that the players use and features the "P" logo written in the classic Purdue colors. Additionally, half of the ball is completely white (with the exception of the black rubber lining), which is perfect for getting autographs from your favorite Purdue players and alumni.

Display it or Play with It - You Choose!

Thanks to a rugged and high-quality design, the ball is just as functional as it is stylish. You can get a case and place it on your shelf for maximum exposure, and to show some team spirit in your home. Or, you can take Purdue Boilermakers basketball outside and shoot hoops with it since it's built to last and can be used in games, so you can feel just like the players do.

Quality You Can Trust

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The only thing separating you and your perfect sports shrine is a Purdue Boilermakers basketball. Get it now at Collectible Supplies!