Semi-Rigid Card Holders and Card Saver

What’s your passion? Do you collect baseball, basketball or Pokemon cards? According to eBay's 2021 State of Trading Cards Report, the popularity of collectible card games (CCGs) and trading card games (TCGs) surged in 2020, reigniting the trading card market.

If you collect gaming or sports trading cards, you know that keeping them in pristine condition is paramount to their appearance and long-term value. Getting folds, tears, scratches or marks of any kind is a collector’s nightmare, which is why using trading card savers is a small investment that provides a considerable return.

High Quality Semi-Rigid Card Holders

Semi-rigid card holders are widely regarded as the preferred method of trading card protection, as they prevent cards from shifting inside the case. In addition, it’s easy to insert and remove cards from semi-rigid card holders without damage, which is why third-party card grading companies prize them for shipping and evaluation purposes.


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