Table Top vs. Wall Mounted Display Cases For Collectibles

Table Top vs. Wall Mounted Display Cases For Collectibles

Jan 17th 2022

As a sports enthusiast and collector of your favorite sports memorabilia, you may be looking for the best and safest way to display your collectibles.

Your available space will be an important factor when choosing wall mounted or table top display cases. While both serve the same purpose of proudly displaying your favorite sports memorabilia, there are several things to consider before making a decision. Let’s look at both styles before choosing tabletop or wall mounted display cases for your collectibles.

Table Top Display Cases

Table top display cases are an excellent option for displaying your prized sports collectibles. With many sizes and styles to choose from, such as UV-rated glass cases or anti-reflective acrylic cases, it’s a good idea to check the pros and cons before committing to a purchase.

table top display case

Pros of Table Top Display Cases:

  • Ability to view the displayed item from multiple angles with clear visibility from all sides
  • Easily remove display cover to view, share or clean collectibles
  • Can easily move the display case to take advantage of LED lighting source
  • Convenience of mobility to share your prized sports collectibles with anyone, anywhere, anytime
  • Requires no mounting or extra labor
  • Great gift idea for all sports enthusiasts, teachers, and coaches

Cons of Table Top Display Cases:

  • Requires a safe area where they won’t be bumped or knocked off a table or other surface
  • May require more usable surface space than you have available to display your sports items properly
  • Limited table or surface space limits the amount of sports collectibles and memorabilia you can display

Wall Mounted Display Cases

Wall mounted display cases are a beautiful way to display your most cherished sports collectibles. With a variety of styles, sizes and glass or acrylic display case options available, you’ll want to make sure to read below for the advantages and disadvantages of using this style.

wall mounted display case

Pros of Wall Mounted Display Cases:

  • Unlimited creative potential to hang and display multiple cases of sports memorabilia, bringing your vision to life
  • Create a museum quality look with multiple cases mounted on one wall
  • Outfitted with top hinges to easily access your sports collectibles to view, share or clean them
  • Wall mounted cases can be used in homes, schools, gyms, stadiums and museums
  • Great gift idea for sports enthusiasts, teachers, and coaches

Cons of Wall Mounted Display Cases:

  • Proper wall space is required, without traffic along that wall area
  • Wall mounted display boxes require more space, with depths ranging from 6” to 15”
  • Not suitable for high traffic areas, as this poses a risk for personal injury or potentially knocking the display case off the wall causing damage to sports collectibles

Get Creative With Collectible Supplies

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