Wilson Official 3 White Panel Autograph New NFL Football

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This is the official NFL Football Game Ball by Wilson with 3 White Panels for Autographs. It is made of 100% leather and features the signature of Commissioner Roger Goodell and all NFL logos. Perfect for Team Autographs!

True fans know. There no substitute for authenticity, especially, when it comes to autographs or memorabilia. With Wilson, the official Football of the NFL, you know you get the real deal with the officially licensed logos and colors of your favorite team.

OFFICIAL SIZE: Similar in size to on-field NFL footballs, this size is ideal for ages 14 and up
BLANK CANVAS: Three signature-ready white panels, built to document your favorite autographs
LEATHER PANEL: Brand panel is covered in the classic leather look
BRANDED GRAPHICS: Marked with Wilson script logo and red, silver and blue NFL shield signifying an approval at a high standard and high quality
NFL OFFICIAL: Wilson is the official football of the NFL, and the only official football in the league's history, a tradition passed down from generation to generation