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The Spartans football program represents Michigan State University. In 1966 Nortre Dame and Michigan State played in what is known as "The Game of the Century" which remains one of the greatest, and most controversial games in college football history. The game ended in a 10-10 tie with both teams recording national championships.  Michigan State athletics are a part of the Big 10 conference.  Michigan States iconic Spartan helmet logo is said to be ranked as one of the games best.  "Sparty" the Spartan is the team mascot.

Full Size Replica Football Helmets

We offer replica full size football helmets from both Schutt and Riddell. These helmets come equipped with hard outer shells, inner padding, and metal facemasks. These helmets look just like the helmets the Spartans wear on the field and look great display during the big games.

Michigan State Spartans Mini Helmets

Not enough room for a full size helmet of your favorite team? No problem, buy a mini version! We offer Riddell speed mini helmets and schutt mini helmets. The original green Michigan State helmets are impressive looking, wait until you see the new alternate helmets the team now has.  Be careful, once you see them you may need to have one. They look just like the real thing, just smaller! They even come with a facemask, padding, straps and official Michigan State team colors and decals.

Dynasty Banners

Are you looking for something to put in your room or office? What better way to show off the teams success than with a Michigan State Spartans Dynasty Banner commemorating their multiple NCAA National Championships. Roll Tide!

Big 10 Pocket Pro Sets

Michigan State play in the Big 10 conference.  How about an entire set of mini pocket pro helmets of all the teams currently playing in the BIG TEN conference? What a cool collection item to add to your collection.

Custom Display Cases

We offer football and helmet display cases that hold your items perfectly in place for showing off your Spartan team pride. A custom nameplate describes the teams, score and championship.

Our Guarantee

At Collectible Supplies, we hold all of our Michigan State Spartan equipment to a very high standard so that we can make sure you’ll be completely satisfied with any order you place with us. Do you have any questions? Give us a call at (714) 894-9601 or visit our contact page for more options.

It’s always a great day to be a Spartan fan. Spread your team spirit with some brand new Michigan State merchandise! Join "Sparty" and show off a new helmet for your collection today.