Magnetic Card Holders

Trading cards are timeless collectibles that can be passed down from generation to generation. That's why it's essential to get reliable trading card holders to keep your mementos in pristine condition.

Whether you’re into sports or gaming, the rarity and value of many cards makes protecting them even more critical. If you’re looking for magnetic baseball card holders or a protective case for your Pokemon cards, cases are among the best ways to preserve your trading cards.  Protect future purchases -- along with the cards you already own -- with one of our magnetic card cases.

High Quality Magnetic Card Holders

Like screw-down card holders, these magnetic card holders are great for holding a single card and keeping it well protected. These trading card cases use magnets to keep them together, making them easy to open and close without tools.

Our line of Pro-Mold card holders can accommodate various card thicknesses and penny card sleeves. They block 99% of UV rays for at least five years, offering your cards an extra layer of security.

The Collectible Supplies Commitment

At Collectible Supplies, we make it easy to choose the right card protectors and storage solutions for your favorite cards. The perfect way to show off collectibles is different for everyone -- that's why we have a wide variety of options.

We're committed to getting you the products you want at an everyday value. We provide premium service on an assortment of the very best brands and offer a wide selection of collectibles.

However, if you can't find the trading card protection you're looking for, please contact us. You can call one of our product specialists at (714) 894-9601 or send a message through our contact page — we love to help!

Get quality you can trust for your prized trading cards today!