Screw-Down Card Holders

Screw-Down Card Holder Cases

As the years continue to pass, your vintage baseball cards are only becoming more and more special and valuable. Unfortunately, they’re also becoming more susceptible to damage. Keep your cards secure and looking like new with a screw-down card holder case from Collectible Supplies!

Sturdy Design

This case is designed to be easy-to-use yet very effective. Four screws (one in each corner) keep the card protected in an airtight seal. This prevents moisture and dirt from seeping in and wreaking havoc on your precious collectible. The rigid and durable design also prevents from physical cosmetic damage, like bending or tearing. You can also purchase photo frames for your one-of-a-kind action shots!

Must-Have for Collectors

Although the memories may never fade away, baseball cards can if they’re not protected. While you may not need to put every card you have in one, our screw-down card holder cases are ideal for the handful of rare, special edition or valuable cards that you’ve painstakingly collected over the years.

Our Promise to You

As avid collectors ourselves, we want you to have the best collection you can have. That’s why we promise that you will be happy with anything you order from us, and that your collection will be better off for it. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have at (714) 894-9601 or through our contact page.

Protect your cards before it’s too late. Check out our screw-down card holder cases!