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Baseball Card Storage & Cases

While baseball cards aren’t as popular as they once were, that just means their rarity and increase in value makes their protection even more important. Protect the great cards that you already own with any of our baseball card storage solutions at Collectible Supplies.


Top-Loaders are great, easy-to-use storage solutions for your collectible cards, requiring you to simply slide your card in from the top into a clear case. This baseball card storage option comes in a variety of quantities, sizes, and options such as plastic thickness.

Screw-Down Case

Screw-down cases are a bit more intense and are recommended for individual cards. These cases involve two pieces of clear, rigid material that are screwed together and sealed shut. This offers maximum protection and keeps your card securely fastened inside.

Magnetic Cases

Similar to screw-down cases, these sports card cases are great for holding a single card and keeping it well-protected. These cases simply use magnets to keep them together, which makes them easy to open and close without the use of any tool.

Semi-Rigid Cases

Similar to top-loaders, these cases have some more support to prevent the guards from bending at all. This is a great baseball card storage option for a large collection that you want to keep in great condition. We sell these sports card cases in a variety of quantities, including 1000 packs.

Pocket Pages

This card storage system is a classic option. With pages that fit in a binder or folder, you can easily protect several cards in one place.

Collectible Supplies Guarantee

Baseball cards are timeless mementos that can be passed down from generation to generation. That's why it's essential to get reliable sports card cases so your cards remain in fantastic shape. At Collectible Supplies, we guarantee that you're getting great quality baseball card storage. If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to call us at (714) 894-9601 or visit our contact page.

Get quality you can trust for your sports cards today!