Flex-Ball Low Impact Safety Little League Tee Balls for Kids Baseball (3-Pack)

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DFX-LC1 LL-3each

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Circumference: 8.8"
Weight: 4.5oz or 120g
Qty: 3
Features: Raised Seams, Flexible core, Low Impact

SAFETY AND PLAYER CONFIDENCE: Training correctly and working hard is key to any beginner's development, but we believe that having FUN and being INJURY FREE is even more important. With these Little League Flex-Balls, kids ages 4-7 can develop the ability to throw and catch baseballs with more confidence with less fear of injury.
REALISTIC FEEL: Besides the "flexibility" of the ball, every other aspect of the ball is nearly identical to a real baseball including weight, size, surface feel, and raised seams. They're great for playing Tee Ball also!
HOW FLEXIBLE ARE THE BALLS? By no means are Flex-Balls "soft"; a direct hit to the groin will no doubt send even the toughest down to their knees, but they do compress more than a standard baseball. They are similar in firmness to a toned, flexed muscle.
100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: These Flex-Balls come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Our customer service is dedicated to addressing any product/service issues and is committed to delivering a 5 star experience for all buyers. If you're not happy with our product, simply return it for a full refund. You really have nothing to lose!