MLB Jumbo Squeezy Squeezymates Capsule Display Box - 18 Capsules - Series 4 Baseball 2024

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MLB Jumbo Squeezy Capsule Display - 18 capsule box
Jumbo Squeezy Surprise Capsules have arrived!
Series 4 for 2024

The latest addition to the SqueezyMates lineup are all-new 3.75" Jumbo Squeezys sold in random capsules. Each display holds 18 oversized 3.75" capsules with an EXPANDING Jumbo Squeezy slo-foam MLB Superstar inside.
Made from the fun to squeeze material, Slo-Foam, Jumbo Squeezys are collectible and squishy MLB player figures! The squishy jumbo player figure inside each capsule is random, which adds mystery and fun to each one!

Squeeze these super soft slow-rising jumbo-sized 3.75" foam figures!
Jumbo Squeezys are here!
Once you pick you one up you can't put it down!

Figure Size: 3.75" tall
Capsule Size: 3.75"
One Jumbo Squeezy MLB Superstar figure in each capsule
Made of fun to squeeze, slow-rising foam
MLB Players Association SqueezyMates
Officially Licensed
Ages 4+